University of Twente


The University of Twente is a young, entrepreneurial university. It sets standards in the field of new technology and seeks to stimulate change, renewal and progress in society. The strength lies in the capacity to combine. We work with the technologies of the future - information technology, biotechnology and nanotechnology - in which behavioural and social science research play a vital role. After all, the most interesting and relevant innovation takes place at the interface between technology and its implications for mankind and society.

Our research is highly regarded at both the national and international levels, and is accommodated within four very active research institutes. These focus on nanotechnology, information technology, biomedical technology and technical medicine, governance and behavioural sciences. The research institutes combine scientific excellence with a sharp eye for knowledge valorization (the process of translating newly developed knowledge into economic activity) and social applications. They are highly successful in generating spin-off businesses. Within PCDIAB this partner will focus on the Business Development of the bihormonal artificial pancreas system and involved companies as well as supporting this innovation network. Key items are value creation, IPR development,innovation networks, supplier integration and combined technology roadmaps.

For more than 25 years the University of Twente focuses on the application of their knowledge. This has resulted in more than 750 spinoff companies and long lasting relations with industry. In comparison to its size the University of Twente has the largest industry income of all Dutch universities. NIKOS, (Netherlands Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship) is the University of Twente’s expert centre for technology based entrepreneurship, is committed to research, teaching, consultancy & training and business development support. It consolidates the UT’s expertise and experience from the Chairs for Innovative Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Strategic Management and International Management. The UT participated in more than 100 framework projects.

Key persons

Ariane von Raesfeld is teaching marketing and business development at NIKOS, the Dutch Institute for Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship at the University of Twente. She is leading a strategic research group on innovation and business development in organizational networks. Her current research interests are in the innovation and value creation effects of social structure and partner composition in cooperative R&D projects. Von Raesfeld published her work in various scientific journals, such as Technovation and Industrial Marketing Management. Raesfeld's background includes a PhD in Management Studies from the University of Twente, a MBA from the Erasmus University and a degree in Biochemistry from the University of Amsterdam. Furthermore, she worked in a biotechnology company where she was responsible for coordinating technology transfer from the U.S. parent company to the Dutch subsidiary and for the marketing of bio-markers in health care.  

Tamara Oukes is PhD candidate at NIKOS. Her research is focusing on size asymmetry between partners in inter-organizational cooperation projects and its effect on the performance of startup's in R&D projects in particular power. The background of Oukes includes a bachelor and master degree in Business Administration from the University of Twente as well as a master Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship from Technical University Berlin.




Aard Groen is professor of Innovative Entrepreneurship and scientific director of NIKOS. Groen’s research interest is focusing on knowledge intensive entrepreneurship in networks. NIKOS research contributes to the IGS, Institute for Innovation and Governance Studies, where Groen is leading the research on “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”. He published in journals and books e.g. Journal of Management, International Journal of Small Business, Creativity and Innovation Management. Groen is also head of department NIKOS from the faculty of management and governance, in which the chairs of entrepreneurship strategic management, marketing, and international management are positioned.

Sjoerd van Tongeren is Executive Director of IGS (Institute for Governance Studies). The Institute for Governance Studies is one of the priority research institutes of the UT and performs multi- disciplinary research and postgraduate research training in the field of the governance and management of (technological) innovation. IGS is/was involved in more than 10 FP7 projects. Prior to his position at IGS, Sjoerd was Director Business Development (2002) at the Holding Technopolis Twente BV and Head of Strategic Liaison (2001) of the UT. In these positions, Sjoerd was responsible for the coordination and development of major Industry – University collaboration projects.