Inreda Diabetic BV

Inreda Diabetic BV is a young SME company started in 2007 by entrepreneurs R. Koops and W. Smit on basis of the patent of a closed-loop system. The invention was based on research they did before 2007. As a diabetic himself Koops was looking for solutions for better blood sugar control. Inreda has worked in the first years with individuals who wanted to contribute technology, software or other knowhow necessary for a good closed-loop solution. Aware that only a solid business case can bring the device to the marked its current strategy is tuned towards value creation and full professional development. In line with this strategy, Inreda has done a small emission of 10% of its shares to the AMC (P1, AMS) to get clinical trials underway in the last two years. The other shares are in control of original founders of the company. Inreda is also holder of the patent for single port needle and other closed-loop related technology. Inreda’s mission still supersedes just money making. The company likes to contribute to an innovative approach to manage diabetes to improve patients’ quality of life and health. Within PCDIAB this partner will provide the algorithm ((as tested in earlier studies (refs [1] and[2]) and will provide the technical AP knowledge for the project. The company will lead further technological development, setting standards for interfacing, prototyping next models and adjusting design towards users. Apart from it key role in developing the technology they will work on improving market strategy, complying to safety rules and quality standards and patient usability. Its relevant experience can be simply stated as inventors of the system. Not by chance but by design. Without Inreda there is no project. Furthermore, key staff of Inreda is specialized in technical R&D activities including prototyping of electronics, electrical and mechanical devices.

Key persons:

Robin KoopsRobin Koops is a very high skilled technician working over 20 years in research and engineering in mechanics and electronics in the field of medical and biochemical business. Robin’s main expertise is to devise innovative solutions for both consumers and industry. Robin is often consulted by large enterprises to help them on working prototypes. In the last years he spends more time on developing the AP. Robin is co-author of several articles on closed-loop studies.





Rob Koebrugge is a senior software architect and programmer. He is strong in complex cases bringing back to simplicity. Rob has a background in water management and system integration. His knowledge in developing complex control systems has been an important pillar to the closed-loop solution. He is / was responsible for embedding control algorithms in the AP.





Helga Blauw has a master degree Technical Medicine, with a specialization in Medical Signaling. She has knowledge of clinical practice and thorough insight in medical technology. Multidisciplinary research and development of innovative medical technologies are her main interests. Helga is a PhD student at the Internal Medicine department of the Academic Medical Center , Amsterdam.