Expected Outcomes

  • A bihormonal portable two-port AP system with automated closed –loop glycaemic control to monitor and treat diabetes patients remotely at the point of need, independent of their location, meal intake and activities. This two-port AP system will be connected to the health care provider by a wireless telemedicine platform comprising the latest ICT connection technologies as smart phones, blue tooth etc, facilitating an improved link and interaction between patients and doctors and a more active participation of patients in their care process and therefore improve the quality of life.
  • A CGM performance alert to improve the performance of the AP system and for safer and more accurate treatment. This alert on top off the already existing alerts (subcutaneous needle obstruction alert for insulin and glucagon administration, low battery alert, hypo-, and hyperglycaemia alert) would improve the management of patients and the willingness of the patients to adopt tight glycaemic control leading to less clinical complications and hospitalisation.
  • The first prototype of a single-port bihormonal AP system.

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