The objective of the PCDIAB dissemination strategy is to identify and organize the dissemination activities in two directions: to enhance the widest dissemination of knowledge from the project to different target groups across different sectors in Europe and to stimulate the commercial exploitation of the project’s results.

The results of the PCDIAB project aim to have a major impact on diabetes, eHealth and medical research in Europe. The achievements,knowledge, practical experience and guidance to emerge from carrying out the work in the project will be disseminated to different target audiences such as the scientific, clinical and health care community and in particular patient organisations. To fulfill these aims, clear dissemination channels and modalities will be used. Based on this section the initial dissemination plan will be drafted.

The aim is to bridge the gap between the different disciplines, sectors and knowledge and to increase expertise and skills either in the participant’s own field or his/her adjacent fields. Therefore, training and education opportunities will be offered and conferences organized for junior and senior scientists. To disseminate the results of this project towards the community and to increase the current knowledge on AP systems, different types of publication channels will be used.