E-Diabetes training programme: This training programme is focused on increasing the knowledge and skills of (mainly) the participating PCDIAB members regarding diabetes, glucose metabolism, diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diabetes patients, current personal health systems, possible ICT solutions, remote alarms and algorithms.

Conferences: The consortium will earmark important international conferences to be actively attended by its members to present the latest achievements, to discuss the progress, developments and challenges in this field and to contact industrial partners. Examples of conferences to be attended are the annual Advanced Technologies and Treatment in Diabetes meeting, the annual European Association for the Study of Diabetes meeting, the US-based Diabetes Technology Meeting and scientific sessions of the American Diabetes Association.

PCDIAB conferences: A yearly scientific conference will provide a platform for scientists to discuss the achievements and challenges of the project and bring together scientists and clinicians with a different education and profession, especially targeting countries not participating in this project. For more information on PCDIAB conferences click here.